Here in our computer services directory you will find small to big companies. Small businesses just starting up to well established and experienced companies. Their expertise varies greatly. You can find a lot of this individuals as very skilled and know what they are doing. Computer repairs are computer repairs. Most computer technicians knows how to assemble a desktop computer same as a person who is a computer enthusiast. Laptop hardware is different. Gone are the days where a tech will repair a pcb board. Almost everything this days are manufactured by robots, specially regarding electronics and gadgets. What a technician would do is replace a bigger part than fix a tiny part. There are 2 types of technician. First one is who studied Information Technology only, this includes software, computer security, viruses, malwares and the Second one studied both IT and electronics. The first technician can repair your computer software and replace faulty hardware. The second technician can repair the software and can also repair the hardware. You have to see the difference there. Repairing a hardware is different from replacing a hardware. At the end of the day both this technicians can fix your computers. I mentioned all this for my next topic which is data recovery. Data recovery varies from very simple to very complicated. The easy part in data recovery can easily be done by an IT person but most and complex part of a data recovery is done by an electronic technician or an engineer. If you need a very important data that needs recovering, it is advisable to go straight to a data recovery specialist. This is just a simple guideline and advice to help you choose the right professional when looking for one. See our directory list and choose properly. Have a Good Day!